Fire Resistant Race Women's Boxers
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Black PXP Racewear Women's Boxers, Fire Resistant Underwear, flat interlock seams for comfort, SFI 3.3 Approved. It is inherently fire resistant and solution dyed so it is fade resistant. The fabric is soft yet durable. Retains it shape. Moisture Wicking

Safe   ·  Soft  ·  Comfortable  ·  Stylish  ·  Long-Lasting

 Our High Performance Racing Underwear is made from a 50% Kermel® 50% Lenzing® Blend.

Kermel® is an Aramid Fiber which is inherently Fire Resistant. The structure of the fiber is fire resistant and will never wash out or wear out. Lenzing® is also permently fire resistant but it is also is highly heat resistant. Lenzing's natural fibers are moisture wicking making a perfect blend for a racer.

  • Inherently Fire Resistant
  • Made of Aramid Fibers (Kermel® is a brand name of Aramid fiber just like Nomex® is a brand name of Aramid Fiber)
  • Safer than treated underwear
  • Solution-dyed (the dyed is part of the fiber so the color won't wash out or fade).
  • The fiber structure is round so it is super soft
  • Retains its shape so your underwear won't stretch out and look sloppy and unravel like others.
  • Seams are finished and lay flat so they are comfortable.
  • Quality Sewing and Construction
  • Black color look sharp not like ratty yellowed underwear.
  • Exceeds SFI 3.3 & is legal in all racing sanctioning bodies requiring SFI testing (SFI 3.3 Certification Tag sewn on pants, shirts and hoods)
  • All of this means that it will look great and keep you safe for a long long time.

The PXP flame resistant racing Women's boxers is super comfortable! The soft, safe, yet lightweight fabric is moisture wicking. Our Women's boxers should be worn instead of wearing polyester under your fire suit and FR Underwear. (In a fire, polyester will melt to your skin.

Our Womes boxers are low rise.

Available in Black 


Size 2:  (similar to Miss Me Jeans in a Size 25)

Size 6:  (Similar to Miss Me Jeans in a Size 26-28)

Size 10: (Similar to Miss Me Jeans in a Size 30-31

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PXP Women's Boxer Underwear

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